Remembering Liz

On a day when the U.S. stock market is giving back all of its gains for the entire year ANSYS is looking like a Hollywood starlet.

The Nasdaq is down 4+% while ANSYS is up 3.6%. Four hundred and ninety-two of the S&P 500 components are getting gashed today but not ANSYS.

An allusion of beauty and youth by association. The genius of Liz Taylor and ANSYS.

Mighty ANSYS is the poster child for earnings reports that make everyone smile. But even better this company uses acquisitions the way the late Liz Taylor used to use young men. She always found a way to make herself look younger and prettier by showing herself to the Paparazzi with a viral 30-year old male model posing as her romantic interest.  I have no idea how it works but it does. There was true genius at work.

On this day — as my 401(k) has given back 8 months of gains — I believe the Canonsburg suits may be some of the smartest, shrewdest people on the planet and while I would never want to join this organization I do wish I was related to one or more of them.


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