About Me

My introduction to CAE occurred in 1993. Being a bit of a glutton for punishment — and in need of a steady paycheck — I joined a company that developed injection molding simulation. The software was called C-MOLD with the C representing Cornell University. Seven years later the business was purchased by Moldflow and I decided to take all the painful lessons I learned and put them to work for another CAE start-up.

In 2001 I joined Blue Ridge Numerics as employee #10 and the vice president of marketing. Our mission was taking computational fluid dynamics simulation to the masses. Yeah, I know how this sounds… don’t judge… not everyone can be Steve Jobs. For nearly a decade I had my fingers in just about every aspect of this business and enjoyed being part of its success. The company grew by 1,400% during this time, driven by the market receptivity of CAD-driven CFD that combined a wide spectrum of simulation capabilities with a lot of automation to remove much of the usage burden from the customer.

On March 10, 2011 Blue Ridge Numerics was officially consumed by a company called Autodesk (Nasdaq: ADSK). Known principally for an inexpensive 2-D CAD program called AutoCad, this company is growing its Architecture and Manufacturing businesses around 3-D applications like Revit and Inventor. They recently began to throw money at the CAE opportunity, purchasing Plassotech, Moldflow, and Algor prior to buying Blue Ridge Numerics.


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