Procter & Gamble Highlights its Digitization Strategy

Precious few companies understand the role of CAE in product and process development better than Procter & Gamble. Anytime they speak I listen – and usually learn.

When I saw this brief write-up in Desktop Engineering I immediately felt obliged to share.

Procter & Gamble Highlights its Digitization Strategy by Desktop Engineering.


High-end CAE vs. Low-end CAE

A few decades ago sellers of techincal products introduced the high-end and low-end categories. I suspect this baseless categorization was the invention of some mainframe computer marketing guy trying to defend his company from the barbarians at the gate: microcomputers.

Over the years while representing CAE companies I’ve often been asked if my product is high-end or low-end. The only intelligent and truthful response is neither which of course frustrates the inquirer much the way it must have chafed Greek map makers when Pythagoras broke the news that the earth was neither flat nor round.

When it comes to buying CAE don’t burn a single brain cell trying to categorize software into high-end and low-end. It’s a much more valuable excercise to sort the CAE vendors. As I see it there are some very low-end CAE vendors emerging in the marketplace and, thankfully, a few high-end ones too.