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World’s Best Cup of CFD

Exaggeration is everywhere. We’re all guilty of it, right? That’s why there is no harm and no foul (but a great deal of humor) when Mentor

World's Most Advanced CFD... You did it! Congratulations everyone... Great job!

Graphics publishes the following headline on their Mechanical Analysis home page: The world’s most advanced computational fluid
dynamics simulation software.

I’m fairly certain the guys at ANSYS had no idea they had fallen so behind. I can just see the suits in Canonsburg gnashing their teeth and calling a 5pm mandatory meeting of their developers. Needless to say the crew at CD-Adapco also feel blindsided by this announcement, not to mention the folks at Exa, Flow Science, Software Cradle, etc.

For whatever reason Mentor’s bold claim immediately conjured up in my mind the scene in Elf when Buddy dashes into the grungy, run-of-the-mill Manhattan coffee shop to congratulate the staff on their achievement of the “world’s best cup of coffee”. He is the first and only person in the entire city (including the folks working at the restaurant) to believe the advertising in the window. It’s a classic moment and I thank Mentor Graphics for helping me remember it.

For those of you wishing to see the 21-second video clip here is a link: http://youtu.be/FJuhNDrX008.