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ANSYS… Everything but Vision

Early this morning I’m making my Monday rounds and stumble across an ANSYS ad promoting themselves as the trusted leader in CFD. OK, I’ll take the bait… I click and voila I’m immersed in a wonderful world of professionally produced videos, white papers, and the like.

A compelling and fact-based story is told by ANSYS about how they push the boundaries of simulation, provide solutions for today and tomorrow, deliver solutions that are fast and reliable, and last but not least, customer-driven. If you haven’t checked it out yet I encourage you to do so: CFD Insight Leadership Series.

This is really good marketing from ANSYS, a company that historically hasn’t put much effort into such things. It is informative, entertaining, and effective.

As I plow through the content one thought reoccurs. Where is the vision? The information provided persuades me that ANSYS is a market leader, they are committed to quality (they are ISO9001 certified), and that they have more smart people working on snarly CFD issues than anyone else in the world. If I’m selecting a simulation partner I absolutely want what ANSYS can supply.

But there is just one thing missing, vision. All of this wonderful content was made to persuade a PhD or hard-core researcher that ANSYS is the bestest, safest choice. Again, this is good and valid information but I’m looking for someone to tell me how they can make CFD part of my corporate process for product development. Tell me how ANSYS CFD will become indispensable to both┬ámy Engineers and our business. Help me understand what my business will look like in 2, 3, 5 years if I follow the ANSYS implementation roadmap. Unfortunately ANSYS leaves it up to me and my imagination to fill in the blanks.

ANSYS is not alone here. There is precious little vision coming from the CAE industry. This said, the CAE industry is still growing at 10% – 15% annually. Just imagine the impact simulation could have if a company could figure out how to teach other companies how to make it part of their process.