Why Follow this Blog?

When Microsoft releases a new version of their operating system or Web browser there is an army of journalists and bloggers ready to tell what they really think — there is a competition to see who can be the first to identify the biggest flaws and inform the world. How does this help? It makes Microsoft work harder to deliver better products.

When was the last time you read a review of a new CAE software release that expressed disappointment or doubt? When was the last time you saw an article or OpEd piece that questioned the technical claims made by a CAE software company? When did you last read a “case study” that didn’t tell you everyone “lived happily ever after”?

Nature abhors a vacuum – and for good reason. Vacuums left unfilled lead to imbalance. From my point of view there is a vacuum in the CAE marketplace and while my ability to adequately fill it is questionable – that is the purpose of this blog.

Is it possible that every new CAE software release is “game-changing” and filled with “industry firsts”? Is every company that develops and sells CAE applications really competent to do so? Are they all market leaders, as they claim?

There is a vacuum. There is imbalance. My blog is an attempt to address this problem with honest critiques on what I see in the CAE marketplace. Feel free to disagree or better yet – bring some new facts to the discussion. My goal isn’t to be “right” or to make others wrong.  I’m attempting to provide something I always wanted when I worked in the CAE business – courageous, well-informed honesty.


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